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Activities of the International Advisory Panel on Statistics

30 September 2013: message from the Chairman of the International Advisory Panel Dr. Misha Belkindas to Panel Members

Dear Members of the Foreign Advisory Panel:


This is to appraise you how some of the Panel members were involved in pursuing this topic.


Together, HSE (Prof. Ponomarenko) member of the panel (Prof. Olenski) were developing the curriculum. (a presentation on this topic and draft curriculum are attached)


We have established and strengthened the relationships with the Eurostat Unit which is in the lead to establish the European Master in Official Statistics program. Two of panel members (Professors Olenski and Teugels) participated in the Eurostat NTTS (New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics) Conference in March, 2013 where this topic was discussed.


Professors Olenski, Ponomarenko and Dr. Belkindas, delivered a paper at the ISI satellite IASE conference in Macau on Statistics Education for Progress (the paper is attached).


We organized a side meeting at the ISI congress in Hong Kong to discuss MOS in HSE. The meeting was by invitation only. We have invited Panel members who were at the ISI congress as well as several people from countries which may benefit from the program (Russia, Ukraine) as well as members of institutions/countries who are interested and willing to support the program. The panel members – Belkindas, Olenski, Sokolin, Surinov, Teugels attended. They were joined by Mr. Osaulenko and  Professors Motorin and Motorina from Ukraine; Messrs. Egorenko and Kharitonov from Russia;Prof. Richardson from Plymouth University, UK;  Prof. Kiregyera from Uganda; Prof. Diop from Senegal, Prof. Silva from Brazil (the meeting agenda is attached).


We have agreed to forge partnerships with several institutions/Universities in Brazil, Poland, Uganda and others to cooperate in the MOS program.  An MoU between HSE and University of Michigan has been signed already.


At the moment HSE is preparing the paperwork to be submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education of Russia to get the program approved.  We hope the program can be rolled out in 2014.


We will keep the members of the panel appraised and will ask for your help involvement when needed.


I thank you again for you time and valuable contributions and count on your support.


If you have any comments on this please do not hesitate to respond. I am copying this to the colleagues who participated in the meeting in Hong Kong.


Warm regards


Misha V. Belkindas

Presentation of the MOS pogram at the ISI 2013 World Statistics Congress (25-30 August 2013)
Paper by Misha Belkindas, Jozef Olenski and Alexey Ponomarenko "Statistical Training for Russian-speaking Countries: Combination of International Quality and Availability", contributed to the IASE/IAOS 2013 Satellite Conference in Macao
Invitation to the meeting to discuss MOS with a provisional agenda
Article by Jozef Olenski "Education of Masters in Official Statistics for Globalized Economy and Modern ICT Environment"

19 March 2013: message from the Chairman of the International Advisory Panel Dr. Misha Belkindas to Panel Members


Dear Colleagues:


Just to let you know that a few members of our Advisory Panel are involved in discussions how to create a masters in official statistics program at the HSE. 


Thanks to Jef Teugels and Jozef Olenski who agreed to attend  the  NTTS 2013 conference on behalf of the HSE and participate in the discussions. We received a rich report from professor Olenski on his discussions and his observations on the process to create the EMOS program. We will work with colleagues from Eurostat who are leading this process and will report back to you. We will from time to time need involvement from some of you because we may discuss the experience of such programs existing beyond Europe. We may need help from some of you if we will get stuck in our discussions with Eurostat. 


Professor Teugel suggested that we have a discussion on this topic in an informal meeting with the leadership of IAOS in the ISI meeting in Hong Kong. We will explore this. 


Many thanks for your continuing support.


Misha Belkindas

18 January 2013: message from the Chairman of the International Advisory Panel Dr. Misha Belkindas to Eurostat


Dear Colleagues: 


I am writing to you in my capacity as the Chair of the Foreign Advisory panel for statistical education in the Moscow Higher School of Economics. 


The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) is very interested in participation in European Masters in Official Statistics program.


HSE is the largest research university in Eastern Europe that specializes in the socio-economic field.  It has 28 faculties, 173 chairs, 22 research institutes, over 22,000 students, and more than 2000 staff.  HSE has the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis, which is a part of the Faculty of Economics and provides bachelor and master programs in statistics with a concentration in specific statistical methods, business statistics, survey methodology, and official statistics.


In addition to traditional university-type teaching, HSE provides short courses and distant training (using Internet) in statistics for professionals from Russian statistical service (Rosstat) and national offices (NSO) of other post-USSR countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). A special institution named International Institute of Statistical Education (MISO), was established to provide this type of training. 120 statisticians from CIS countries as well as about 500 professionals of Rosstat have participated in MISO courses during last year.


HSE develops all types of statistics-related programs, but it has a special interest to establish a Master program for middle level staff of official service because there is a strong demand for this type of education from Rosstat and NSOs of CIS countries. Both Rosstat and CIS Interstate Statistical Committee are ready to support officially HSE participation in EMOS program.


During the Workshop on Human Resources Management and Training in Budapest (5-7 Sept. 2012) HSE representative participated in discussion on EMOS. He was informed that there are no any principal obstacles for HSE participation in this project.


Unfortunately, we still have no full understanding of the format of EMOS. We think that there could be several different forms of HSE participation in program depending of possible EMOS format and we would be happy to receive any additional documents, and/ or guidance to clarify situation. We note that there is a feasibility study related to EMOS. If possible HSE would be interested to participate in it., 


HSE is ready to start discussion on possible inclusion in the program as soon as you find it feasible. HSE  representatives can visit Luxemburg at  any suitable time. Alternatively, we could invite Eurostat representatives to visit Moscow for discussions. 


I am copying to several European members of the Foreign Advisory Panel for their comments and support to this request. 


Many thanks and warmest regards


M. Belkindas

12 May 2012: message from the Chairman of the International Advisory Panel Dr. Misha Belkindas to Panel Members


Dear Colleagues:


This is to appraise you on some of the development in the HSE related to statistics. 


The HSE held it 13th annual conference on development economics in early April. For the first time it had a section on statistics with four sessions in it. One of them was a round table to discuss statistical education. 


The HSE, invited Katherine Wallman, Hermann Habermann (former director of UN Statistics Division), Partha Lahiri (Professor, JPMS, University of Maryland) and me to participate in the conference. This gave us an opportunity to have a mini Advisory Panel meeting. with participation of the dean of the Economics department and the academic coordinator of this department. We discussed the future of statistical education at the University and training of statisticians from Russia and other CIS countries at the HSE International Statistical Training Institute. 


We agreed on the following:

  • We will explore the options to help the HSE with improving the curricula of statistical education,
  • We will try to formalize the relationship between the HSE and several universities abroad the first being University of Maryland in USA,
  • We will organize several trips for the management of the departments of statistics of HSE abroad to study the experience of statistical education.


I hope that resources permitting we will call on several of you to visit Moscow in the near future to work with the management of the faculty  on these issues. 


This is also to welcome Dr. Habermann to the Advisory panel who has accepted my invitation to join. 


Warm regards 


Misha Belkindas

11 December 2011: message from the Chairman of the International Advisory Panel Dr. Misha Belkindas to Panel Members


Dear Colleagues:


This email is sent to a large mailing list, to those who one way or another were involved in making Alexey's visit to USA a worthwile and very useful event. 


First I would like to thank Katherine Wallman who did not help me, but just took the initiative and organized a great series of meetings. No way on Earth I could have done even a small part of it.


Alexey had meetings at Universities of Maryland, Michigan and Nebraska. He is very impressed what he heard and saw, and we hope that under guidance of the International Advisory Panel the Higher School of Economics will find ways to cooperate with those Universities. 


Alexey also had meetings at several Federal Statistical Agencies - Census Bureau, BEA, BLS and USDA. He discussed the training courses which are provided with a view of cooperating with those institutions in delivering those or similar courses at the International Statistical Training Institute, which is part of the Higher School of Economics. 


We had a very fruitful discussion with several members of the HSE International Advisory Panel and a few from US statistical agencies who contributed greatly to the discussion and hopefully will contribute to the collaboration with the HSE in the future. 


I am copying this to the members of the Advisory Panel who were not present with hope that we will be able to study experience of the countries were the members of the Panel are from .


Many thanks to everybody and warmest regards


Misha Belkindas

16 September 2011: message from the Chairman of the International Advisory Panel Dr. Misha Belkindas to:


T.C.A. Anant – Chief Statistician, India

Fred Gault – Professorial Fellow, UNU.MERIT, Netherlands

Enrico Giovannini – President, ISTAT

Jozef Olenski– Professor, Warsaw University, Past President, Polish Statistical Office

Vladimir Sokolin– Chairman, CISSTAT

Aleksander Surinov– Head, ROSSTAT

Jef L. Teugels– Past President, ISI, Belgium

Katherine Wallman – Chief Statistician, USA



Dear Colleagues:


Thank you for accepting my invitation to join the Advisory Panel at the Higher School of Economics. I am very exited of our work ahead and am confident that with you help we will be able to improve the statistical teaching and training at the HSE and it's International Institute for Statistical Education (IISE).


As I said, we will mostly conduct our discussions virtually, but I would like to use any occasion were several of the panel members are present to have face to face meetings. First such occasion is the Executive Boar of the International Comparison Program where 5 of you are members off. I have consulted with the ICP EB members and know that three will be in Washington for the meeting. Therefore we will be holding a meeting with Mrs. Wallman, Mr. Giovannini, and Mr. Anant in Washington on October 24 over dinner. Mr. Ponomarenko, the deputy dean of the Economics department and director IISE will join us. 


Under Mrs. Wallman patronage Mr. Ponomarenko will visit several universities and training centers in the USA to discuss curricula, and cooperation opportunities. 


I hope that in the next few months we can organize visits for Mr. Ponomarenko to India and Italy with similar programs. 


The next face to face meeting with the 5 chief statisticians I would like to have around the UN Statistical Commission in February 2012. 


I hope that we can have a meeting with Messrs. Olenski, Gault and Teugels in Moscow or any other place in Europe to have an in depth discussion. We will communicate our suggestions shortly. 


Please also note that we are planning to hold a conference in Moscow, as suggested in my initial email below. We will communicate our plans to you well in advance to seek you inputs. We obviously count on your participation. 


With kind regards


Misha V. Belkindas



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